We’ve had a few questions regarding the now guaranteed WPBT seat in sbo Event #2. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions.

  1. Why can’t readers play?
  2. This event is planned as a promotion for the dedicated members of the poker blogging community. We are hoping to host a WPBT blogger/reader tournament next month.
  3. (via ToddCommish)Not to be a complete newbie at this… but how does one “claim” the prize? Is the registration for this seat going to be arranged through PokerStars, or is the winner simply EXPECTED to take the $1500 prize and pay the entry fee on their own?
  4. As of right now, PokerStars is not set up to register our winner for the event. Here’s how it will work: Once the tournament is complete, a Host at Stars will cut up the winnings, giving $1500 to the winner and the remaining cash to second place. The winner is the responsible for going to this link and pre-registering for Event #2. After pre-registering, you write a personal check or send a money wire to a specific address. That money will confirm your registration in the event. However, you are also responsible for registering on-site.
  5. What’s to keep me from winning this sat and just keeping the money
  6. Nothing. Except this. If you do that, everyone who played in the tournament will consider you a complete ass. A real freakin’ donkey who can’t be trusted. If you’re just looking to try to win $1500 to buy your girlfriend a new collection of diamante-studded thongs and stiletto heels (or, in the case of our female bloggers, the same outfit for your boyfriends), put your $30 in a MTT and win there. That is, only play if you’re planning to use your winnings for the WSOP Event #2.
  7. Okay. I’m planning on not paying attention to the above answer and just keeping the money. What’s to keep me from just saying I waited too long to register and then keeping the money to buy lap dances and Soco in Vegas.
  8. Because I know you have time register if you do it on Sunday night after the tournament and then send your check that same week. Don’t fool around. Get’er done.
  9. Cool, so I have time to regiester.
  10. Barely. The event is going to be capped at 2200 people. I suspect it will fill up. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER AND YOU MUST DO IT WITHIN ONE WEEK OF WINNING. If you wait you’re going to be up against an online promotion that could kill your chances of getting in.
  11. So, you want me to waste my $1500. For what?
  12. First, it’s not a waste. It’s living out a fantasy. Go see BadBlood’s Fantasy Challenge. Second, if you are the winner of a seat in this event, I will personally buy and ship to your your choice of Maudie-designed WPBT t-shirt or trucker hat to wear during the tournament (Restrictions apply. Inquire after your win).
  13. But what if I win, then do well in the tournament. I’ll miss the Aladdin Classic.
  14. Actually, you might not. Play on Saturday won’t begin until 2pm or 4pm. So you can still make it. (Boy, you’re really thinking ahead).
  15. I have a kickball game/Jewish event/scuba diving class that may run long. Can I still sign up?
  16. Registration will be open until just before the tournament begins. So, yes. And frankly, if Al Can’t Hang can play from a laptop in the Florida Keys, you can make it home to your computer.

Okay, that’s all for now. Any more questions? Leave’em here.