Funny thing about a rush, I thought it was just me. I’ve had seven sweet days, a honeymoon with absurdity, in that sweet feverish blaze. At one point, I sent sbo an IM just to tell him “I think a door has opened.”

Granted, this whole “IM” thing is a little immasculating. I can picture CJ buzzing me with an update on “Mrs. Johnson’s math test was, like, totally hard”, which we all know is true. I usually save the online chat for something more substantial, like, y’know.



Which brings me back to the rush.

I sent the e-message on Monday night. Late. At that point the 5 day total included some miraculous wins like a $200 heads-up tourney (which I won in 2 hands), 5 $20 SNG (all first place), 3rd place in a $30+3 MTT, and 3rd place in a $10+1MT Turbo. I was winning in every ring game, sometimes several buyins. It was as if I could not only put people on hands but could predict the flop. As BadBlood likes to say, Its hard to beat a player who uses ESP.

I got off early last Wednesday and ran to the “Poker Office”. That was the Turbo game. I always thought the fast paced games suited me well becuase I am an aggressive idiot. Idiots loooove turbo. The third place finish earned a net… as I’ve posted before… of a little more that $200.00.

That night I tried a $30+3. I figured, why not, it’s house money. Not only did I finish 3rd but it took a nasty suckout at the final table to kick me out. Again, I’ve already posted the payout. That, however, wasn’t as important as the sense of well being. I played great. My post flop play was spot-on. I knew when the bad guys were on an overcard draw and busted them with a good bet. I could read every draw and bailed hard on the obvious set.

This was all my doing. The body makes adreneline. I manufactured the rush.

Thursday night, I hit the always popular dealers choice game at the BadBlood hotel and casino. The tables are nice and the waitress is hot so its always a nice game. 3 hours, 12 games of “Eric’s #1 game”, and a million 3-6 Hold-ems later and I’m up $180.00

Friday night I spent quality time with the wife. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is quite lovely. The wine was great. I was great, too. Alas, no poker.

Saturday was 3 of the SNGs. I won them all. In one case, I was 10th out of 10 with T175. I waged war on good sense and doubled…tripled…and quadrupled up.

Poker is Stupid

I am Stupid


I am Poker

This put me in a very pleasant place. It gave my lips and gums a tingling feeling. I talked too fast and my hands were shaking. Rush nothing. I’m BLASTED!

Sunday more of the SNG fun. I told BadBlood about the tourneys (IM again) and he seemed incredulous. Even Otis, the profound pontificate of poker, was at a loss for words. He may have been preoccupied with a sale at J-Crew. He’s a metro-sexual. Nevertheless…

By late Monday night, I was back on the girl-chatter device telling Otis about the ring games of the day. Hand of the day : My set of Aces beats a set of tens and a set of Jacks. On Wednesday night I had $350.00 in my UB account. At IM O’Clock Monday it was over $2000.00. It was then that I uttered the fateful words. I typed them actually, but YAHOO! gives us a sense of illusion.

“Otis,” I said, “I think a door has opened. Poker is making sense”


It’s been a difficult Tuesday. Not bad really, but the rush is clearly over. I’m 0-3 on SNGs. I’ve been treading water in the rings. I lost a MTT without any money after playing for 2 hours. I’m still right at $2000.00 (play dollars IRS… just for PLAY), but I’ve hit a plateau. On the bright side, for the past few days I’ve been playing poker non-stop. This will allow me to take a comfortable break. A few days to avoid the post-rush TILT.

Right now a friend of mine, who is a far superior poker player, is riding the MEGA-TILT. Brother, I hand the rush to you. I’m done.