Tomorrow evening, I’ll be teaching poker to playing poker with some No Limit  slothoki novices. They’ve gotten the bug thanks to Celebrity Poker and the like.

It’s mostly co-workers (Wilted Lily, Memphis, and others), so I think I should take it easy on them.

In fact, I think playing with as many unknown quantities as I’m likely to face will actually make things more difficult. They won’t be playing by the book, in fact, they don’t even know what the book says.

I suppose that means I should play the premium hands even harder and figure out who I can buy out of a pot pretty early on.

It will be 8-people at $15 a piece with the top 3 places paying. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun, and I’m guessing most of them will be hooked after one night at the table. Look for an update some time this weekend… unless it’s too embarrassing!

Jack Binion’s 2004 World Poker Open recently wrapped up in Tunica, MS. The tournament attracted more media coverage than in the past thanks to the explosion of televised and online poker.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has a nice write-up.

(Warning, possible WPT spoiler to come.)

Reese goes “all in” on his king and five, which wasn’t a strong hand. Still, he had to do something, and he made a bold move. Bad timing.

Tippin has a pair of queens in his pocket, and he’s feeling confident. He also goes all in.

But so does Greenstein, who’s sitting on an ace and king.

The flop is dealt: another ace, king and six. The cards are a godsend to Greenstein. Reese is done, but if a queen pops up in the last two cards, Tippin remains alive. The turn: an eight. The river: an ace, making Greenstein’s hand even better.

For the first time in memory, two of the final four players go down on the same hand.

For those of you with the Travel Channel, the final table will be broadcast on April 21. (Hat tip to Mike over at Half-Bakered… give him a visit!)xxxxxxxx