Saab has never done things the conventional way, and if the new compact 9-2x wagon is any indication it looks as though such traditions aren’t about to change. But while it’s as unorthodox as any Saab to date, the new model arrives at it’s eccentricities from an altogether different source.

The new compact 9-2X wagon is a sure sign that Saab isn’t about to shed its distinctive quirkiness any time soon.

Saab has been raiding GM of Europe’s parts bins – Opel for those who really must know – to upgrade its latest 9-3 and 9-5 models for years now, both major improvements over their respective predecessors. But the Swedish nameplate targeted a partner on the other side of the world for its latest offering, and one just about as unorthodox as itself. Who could that be? If asked to pick a Japanese automaker that marches to the sound of its own drummer Subaru comes up more often than not. The brand has been as distinctive in the styling department as in engineering, its latest Impreza lineup included.

To create its latest model the Swedish brand has turned to Subaru, arguably Japan’s most unorthodox brand, and its Impreza as the foundation for the 9-2X.

That’s what makes the Impreza compact the ideal fit as the basis for the new Saab 9-2X. Sure the resulting car doesn’t feature Saab’s ultimately quirky, yet extremely practical console mounted ignition switch, but it nevertheless adopts Subaru’s odd but iconic boxer engine. And with regards to styling, if I had never previously seen a Subaru Impreza wagon I would have guessed the new 9-2X was designed at the Swedish brand’s headquarters in Trollhättan. Park it beside a 9-5 wagon and you’ll see what I’m referring to. The unique Impreza rear window design spanning the C- and D-pillars is nearly identical to that on Saab’s larger wagon, helping the newcomer fit into the Swedish family tree quite nicely.