“Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.” The words of Grandmaster Flash rang true for our Grand Masters as they challenged for the glory of being our first Monthly Grand Master Champion.

Entering the final day as leader was sanghoki , and he found out first hand just how much of a jungle it was, slipping to finish the the month in third place. He finished the month with a 128-57 record and 1840 points.

Sneaking into second by only six points was Penguins3385. He actually busted more players than the eventual champ, but to get there was busted more times himself. He finished the month with a 56-18 record and 1846 points.

Storming to the inaugaral win was PitiqueBuricea. Finishing with a 54-15 record he found just the right balance of risk and reward, busting slightly less players himself, but avoiding slightly more bust outs to end up 39 points clear of his nearest challenger with 1885 points.

The new season is underway now and the first month has shown its quality not quantity that will see you rewarded with great prizes. So get started today and see if you can conquer the jungle that is the Bounty Grand Master Leaderboard.

You can get all the info you need on the Bounty Grand Master page.

A double Royal Flush for a big winner

It’s great news to hit a Royal Flush when playing our real money ring games, because you’ll win 100 times the big blind. However, the bonuses for the Royal don’t stop at Hold’em, because you can win even more at Caribbean Stud. We’ve had heaps of Stud jackpot winners over the past few months, and today’s lucky player picked up the jackpot AND a Hold’em Royal Flush bonus!

Sitting at a Fixed Limit table, kalleb first won $500 with a 100 times Big Blind bonus. Both hole cards were used to create the Royal, and the defeated players could only hang their heads when they saw the unbeatable hand they were up against.

Not content with one bonus, kalleb then checked out the potential for winning big at side games. While playing at our $1 Caribbean Stud Jackpot table, kalleb was just minding his own business enjoying the game, when a Club Royal Flush appears! Because the 20c jackpot bet was deposited on the table, the entire amount of $25,596 was taken down!

It’s not a bad effort to get two Royal’s over the course of two days. I’m still waiting on my first!