PokerStars is gearing up for the eighth World Cup of Poker, and so should you! Stage 1 qualifiers to represent your nation in the WCP battle begin soon, running August 20th through August 21st. Make the team and defend your nation well and you could find yourself in The Bahamas representing one of the seven countries in a live tournament showdown you’ll never forget, as part of the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Each national team is made up of four players: a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and striker. Qualify for as little as nothing to earn your spot as a goalkeeper among the four country ambassadors. Buy-ins for the other positions are $1.10, $11, and invite-only tournament leaderboard winners. If you’re making your first real money deposit on togel Singapore, make sure to use the code WCP8 to receive a free $11 qualifier entry for midfielder!


After the teams are determined, Stage 2 qualifiers will begin, which will determine the seven best national teams that will advance to the 2012 PCA in January.


Last year’s WCP champion team captain and PokerStars Pro, Raymond Wu, spoke very highly of his WCP and PCA experience. Leading his Taiwan team is one of his favorite memories and he highly recommends that players fight to get their spots at The Bahamas. Wu said, “Paradise Island is an incredible place, and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is the perfect backdrop to crown a winner.”


To the enjoyment of of Raymond Wu and everyone else, this qualifying period takes place during the PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month! So just playing in the $11 WCP qualifier will get you 5.5 VPPs, which is only $13 in rake or tournament fees away from reaching SilverStar! You’ll be so close already!


“I love that the qualifying period takes place during the VIP Club Mega Month, because it means participating in the real money qualifiers is even more rewarding. By the end of September you could have enough FPPs to buy all your beachwear from the PokerStars VIP Store!” said Wu.


For the month of August, the VIP Player Point (VPP) requirements for three VIP levels have been reduced to just 10% of their normal value. For example, you can make SilverStar VIP status for just 75 VPPs, instead of the standard 750! GoldStar can be reached for just 300 VPPs and Platinum Star for just 750 VPPs! These VIP levels are held until the end of September, which means a month of extra perks and higher Frequent Player Point (FPP) multipliers.


There’s still twelve days left in PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month, so get playing! Twelve days is plenty of time to score that sweet VIP level and all those extra FPPs to spend!