I was already in a little $1 MTT with 1000+ when I saw the $45K guaranteed on Stars last night. $10 rebuy tourney with 1200+ registered. I always suck at rebuys because I don’t… um… rebuy.

I decided if I was going to do it, I’d do the first indo slot 88 immediately and take the add-on at the break if it looked like I was going to be competitive. It did, I was, and I added-on.

Meanwhile I two-tabled these two and played well. Making good decisions, staying aggressive, making substantial continuation bets, yadda, yadda, yadda. I can’t recall much luck being involved this time.

Eventually, I cashed and went deep. But, it was the $1 tourney, so I got all of $3 for 20th place. Not important, I just needed to go deep, needed to continue to get that big-field experience under my belt. I was generally pleased.

In the $45K, which eventually became a $51K+, I was holding between 30th and 50th well into the third hour. I was just playing your standard tight-aggressive survival poker, trying to pick up a little more than my share of the small pots, with an occasional big one thrown in with made hands. Stayed away from big stacks, and all that. A top-100 finish would be my biggest payday.

I know nobody wants to hear the bad beat story. And I don’t have $2 to send anyone. Suffice it to say, losing with AK to KQ and AA to 95-suited in a matter of minutes left me dazed and confused… and out, 8 from the money.

Still, I made good decisions all night long and was pleased by THAT.

The benefits of a tight table image and polite chat personality: Oddly enough, there were railbirds I’d played with earlier at my final table rooting FOR me even though it was in their interest to see me busted. You just don’t see that outside of the blogger tables, and I was happy they respected me enough not to rub it in.


Continuing to play a butt-load of SNGs, floating between $10 and $25 games, standard and turbo. Gone back into break-even mode, which is better than the losing-my-ass mode I normally see when I enter a down-cycle. While I’ve been playing over my bankroll per my SNG challenge rules, lately, I’ve been dropping back. I’m just waiting until I feel like I’m playing well again, then I’ll take another shot at something over $30.


I was going to take a shot at an SNG strategery post today, but decided against it because: a) I THINK I play better than I really do, and 2) I’m really tired, and c) I’d mostly just be plagiarizing.


Just finished a $12, 6-handed SNG at Stars. You’d think it would go fast.

You’d think.

90 minutes for a 6-handed game. We played over 160 hands, and HALF of those were heads-up!

I was the short-stack most of the time. I place 1st more than any other position by a significant margin, usually because I go heads-up with a significant chip lead. Tonight, I just played tough, hard poker. Didn’t close it out, but not for lack of trying. I had all my chips in the middle with a wide range of hands, tried lots of traps, and took a final whipping trying to raise my T9s into AA – doh!


The post I was planning was about bubble play, because that is where I accumulate most of my chips to wind up heads-up, but not necessarily with the naked aggression some might expect. I actually bubble-out less often than I place 2, 3, or 6, and exactly the same as 5th. Everything I do is more along the lines of “it depends”. I do need to get my thoughts down on paper, though, more for my own sake than anything else. But I’ll probably skip the blog post since most of it is based in part or in whole on HoH (The. Best. Thing. Going. Today! Wooooooooo……).

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