Kendra Wilkinson has posted a new photo on Instagram, sending a very clear message to critics in the process

Divorce, Schmivorce!

Following many months of supposed marital turmoil – as a result of her husband allegedly cheating on her with a transgender model named Ava London – Kendra is posing here with Hank Baskett and their son, Hank Jr.

And they sure look like one happy family, don’t they?

Just a few days ago, the rumor mill was churning with talk that Kendra was giving her number out to other guys and making an effort to get over her duplicitous husband.

One wouldn’t be able to blame her if that were the case, considering how Baskett humiliated her last year by reportedly receiving a hand job from another woman.

Hank has since admitted to stepping out on his wife in some fashion, though details on his affair remain murky at best.

Many who watch Kendra on Top online, however, question whether this affair even took place. They believe the couple simply conjured up a story in order to garner ratings for their reality series.

But no way would anyone ever dare to do such a thing… right?!?

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Wilkinson has gone back and forth many times on how to react to Bakett’s evil actions.

At times, she’s been prepared to file divorce papers, according to insiders. But at other times, she wants her family to remain intact for the sake of her son.

Right now, at least, it’s pretty clear which path she has chosen.

Katy Perry Super Bowl Boobs: Place Your Bets!

This Sunday, halfway through Tom Brady’s epic struggle to avoid eye contact with Richard Sherman, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance will reach over 100 million viewers in the US alone.

So while most gamblers will be putting their money down on the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, some smart bettors will be wagering on something far more predictable: Katy Perry’s boobs.

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Yes, Katy’s famous rack is one of many Super Bowl prop bets that can earn you some big game cash even if you know nothing about football:

Right now, the odds are heavily in favor of Katy bringing the girls out on the field:

The current money line is -500 for cleavage and +350, which means you’d have to $500 on boobs just to win $100, but can you ever really go wrong betting on boobs?

Remarkably, the smart money might be on “no boobs,” as judging from Katy’s press conference this week, it looks like she may be favoring a more conservative look, possibly in accordance with the league’s wishes.

There are some other interesting prop bets out there as well, such as what color hoodie Bill Belichick will rock, and whether or not Marshawn Lynch will grab his crotch after a touchdown.

Of course, the really big question is whether or not there’s any truth to the rumors that Katy will diss Taylor Swift during her performance. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

One thing’s for sure: unlike Tom Brady’s balls, Katy’s ta-tas are sure to be fully inflated.