Ford Expected to Improve Optional F-150 Engine

Dodge’s HEMI is Powerful in Throttle Response and Marketing Punch With the advent of the new 2004 F-150, it has been widely accepted, by the press at least, that Ford makes the best light-duty full-size pickup truck. But according to a recent story in Detroit News, the blue oval brand doesn’t think it’s quite good […]

Swedish and Shiatsu Massage Therapy Combine for Spine Tingling Fun

Saab has never done things the conventional way, and if the new compact 9-2x wagon is any indication it looks as though such traditions aren’t about to change. But while it’s as unorthodox as any Saab to date, the new model arrives at it’s eccentricities from an altogether different source. The new compact 9-2X wagon […]

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Preview

Stretching the Wranglers Practicality The Jeep Wrangler is a real one of a kind SUV; its one of just a handful of vehicles that is entirely engineered around a single purpose – taking people to the far corners of the earth. For something that started out life as a military machine, the Wrangler has taken […]