Hands that qualify for a bad-beat jackpot are very uncommon, since quad eights are rarely beaten. Two bad-beat jackpots being hit within hours of each other is even rarer, but UltimateBet had just that happen earlier this week.

The first jackpot hit at 6:29 a.m. ET on Oct. 25. With $612,393.75 accumulated from the rake at designated bad-beat jackpot tables, the prizes awarded were quite significant. ITALIC lost with quad eights to SMITH76’s quad aces. ITALIC did not have time to pout about his loss, since he was immediately awarded $202,603 for the bad beat. SMITH76 received $101,301. The seven players at the table on which the bad beat took place snagged $2,366.68 apiece, while the other 62 players at bad-beat jackpot tables at the same stakes took home $1,366.68 each.

Less than four hours later, at 10:12 a.m. ET, the bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus bad-beat jackpot prize pool was already up to $158,984.93 when it hit again. HOSSDOG556 was on the losing end of the qualifying hand, so he received the lion’s share of the jackpot, which amounted to $51,670.11. The other 182 players split $103,340.21.

Battle of the Bloggers Begins at Full Tilt

The Battle of the Bloggers tournament series has begun at Full Tilt, and it will run through Sunday, Dec. 16. There are three weekly tournaments and one monthly tournament hosted by different bloggers wherein winners will receive a seat into a Tournament of Champions, which gives away one $18,000 package to the 2008 Aussie Millions event.

The package includes a main-event entry, 10-night stay at the Crown Casino Resort, round-trip airfare for two from Los Angeles to Melbourne, $3,000 in spending money, and outings with Full Tilt pros.


All tournaments are double-stacked and no-limit hold’em. In addition to the entry into the Tournament of Champions for the winner, top finishers will also receive normal cash payouts.

Players can also qualify for the Tournament of Champions by writing a fictional blog. Full Tilt is giving away two seats for the best blogs reporting what happened during the 2008 Aussie Millions Poker Championship. Of course, this will take some imagination, as bloggers will have to look into the future. Writers can discuss how the Battle of Bloggers ended, what happed during the event, and who won or lost. Once the blog is written, it must be posted with the following links in the story:

One reference to “Aussie Millions” linked to www.fulltiltpoker.com.

One reference to “poker” linked to www.fulltiltpoker.com.

After this is done, those hoping to win seats simply send a link to their blog to battleofthebloggers@fulltilt.com. The deadline is noon ET on Dec. 12, Full Tilt Poker will judge the blogs based on content and style.

Additional prizes are being given away that reward consistency. The player who earns the most points each week by the end of Thursday night’s tournament will receive an entry into the following Sunday’s major event on Full Tilt, either the $750,000-guaranteed tournament or the $1 million-guaranteed tournament. At the end of the Nov. 15 tournament, the player who has accumulated the most Battle of the Bloggers tournament leader board points will receive a free entry into the Full Tilt Online Poker Series IV main event. Also, the top 50 players on the leader board at the end of the series will receive entries into a $1,000 freeroll.