Normally I stay out of this sorta thing. I think there are millions of VERY good reasons to hate me personally. Thousands of people have already picked a personal favorite. Trust me, I read the e-mails. I don’t need to pick sides in most situs online because, if anything, despising me is the one thing both factions can agree on. I do what I can to bring people together.

All poker bloggers have two things in common: they play poker and they blog. That’s about it as far as UNITY goes. As those gigantic Vegas gatherings prove we are an otherwise diverse group. It’s natural in any large group for people to break into smaller groups of those most similar to themselves. We make individual friends. It isn’t a slight against OTHER bloggers. It’s hard to maintain a REAL FRIENDSHIP with 200 strangers.

I do read the VAST majority of poker blogs I’m aware of. I like the diversity of skill, opinion, and perspective. I don’t like the idea that A) there is some sort of Blog community that dictactes our posts or behavior, B) We should get involved in petty squabbles among those that like to draw negative attention, C) I should have to wear pants when I play poker.

(C) is off topic, but I deeply believe it to be true.

I have no grudge against any poker blogger.

I’m sure there are some with a grudge against me.

I assure you, it’s impossible for me to care about said grudges any less than I currently do.


I love my I-Pod enough to marry it. Luckily for them the person to whom I’m already wed GAVE my the Nano for Christmas last year. I’ve got 386 songs loaded up, and most of them are those really long ones that only Daddy, Pauly and I enjoy. I like to pop the buds when I play poker. It helps me focus. But when is it rude to listen?

I never wear the POD on the Thursdays of the “Medium” game. Those are as much a social occasion as anything else. There IS some pretty good poker played there, but I’m pretty good friends with many of the players and enjoy actually talking to them.

On the last trip to Tunica, I wore them almost the entire time I played. I played pretty well too. The ear buds solve the above referenced problem of listening to people chatter about meaningless poker nonsense. Plus, I really don’t care to be friends with anyone I meet at the “Gold Strike” casino.

What about other home games? Is it rude to tune out the chat and plug into the buds at our underground game? I actually don’t mind the chatter there and it sometimes provides a tell or two. Still, I wouldn’t mind hearing a little live Oysterhead while I fold garbage for 2 hours.

I wonder what the ettiquite is?


Honestly, is there a better food than cheese? I doubt it. If there is, I’d prefer that you not introduce me to it. I have enough problems with cheese.


This post is over.