Perfect, But It’ll Have to Do

What a sound! I don’t know what Porsche has done with the new C4S Cab’s exhaust system, but the note is positively

The Sport Exhaust note of the Porsche C4S Cabriolet alone is intoxicating. (Photo: Shawn Pisio, American Auto Press)

intoxicating. There’s a slight lope to the gurgle at idle, and a little coughing and hiccupping like an NHRA dragster after blipping the throttle. Did they add a more radical cam to the mix, or mess with the ECU? Whatever, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Oh wait a minute? What’s this switch on the left side of the center stack? A tailpipe pictograph? Hey, this is cool. The touch of a button and the exhaust note goes from ferocious to subdued – Harley should consider this technology. According to Jody Scott, Product Publicity Specialist for Porsche Cars North America, the button deactivates an option dubbed Sport Exhaust. “It’s basically a tuned

The C4S Cab is altogether new, with the convertible top only previously available with the regular Carrera 2 and C4. (Photo: Shawn Pisio, American Auto Press)

exhaust note that can be heard above 3,000 rpm,” Scott says. “The switch turns off the option leaving the normal 911 sound to be heard.”

It feels a little quicker off the line too, but according to Scott this has nothing to do with the Sport Exhaust system, stating, “It’s solely a sound option.” The added oomph may have more to do with an adjustment made to the ECU, or possibly just the psychological effect of the growling exhaust mixed with a justification that anything costing $2,400 should do something to enhance forward momentum. No matter, the auditory effect is worth it, especially when factoring in you’ll already have shelled out $93,200 for the “base” C4S Cab in the first place.