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The thumb is the first of the hand's five digits, but it is typically not referred to as a finger. The thumb possesses a unique and wide range of motion not shared by the hand's other digits. Not only does it bend its knuckle, but the tip of the thumb can touch the tips .

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The Thumb. There is no formal declaration for which of these counties are part of the Thumb. While virtually all definitions of The Thumb include Huron, Tuscola, and Sanilac counties, most common definitions are extended to include Lapeer and St. Clair counties as offisnail.infoon: Michigan, United States.

Basal thumb arthritis is a condition that causes pain in the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint located at the fleshy part of your thumb near your wrist. To explain, the ends of the bones in all your joints are covered with smooth cartilage. This cartilage allows bones to move easily and freely. Written By: Thumb, also called pollex, short, thick first digit of the human hand and of the lower-primate hand and foot. It differs from other digits in having only two phalanges (tubular bones of the fingers and toes). The thumb also differs in having much freedom of movement and being opposable to tips of other digits.
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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Ferguson on pain in meaty part of thumb: There are multiple causes of finger/joint pain. Given your age and no history of trauma, nor arthritic problems, the most likely cause is a trigger finger or tendonitis (swollen tendon).

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IP Joint. The IP joint of the thumb is at the tip of the thumb. The word interphalangeal means “between the phalanges”. Important tendons attach on the bottom and top of this joint and move the tip of your thumb back and forth. If you jam your thumb and the tip of the thumb doesn’t move normally, this could be a sign of a ruptured or torn tendon.

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