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So I would say that indeed at some point in their life, probably most Catholics have masturbated. But if they are good Catholics, they have fought this sin with the help of the sacraments, especially of confession and the Eucharist. No Catholic can knowingly continue in any sin and remain a good Catholic.

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Aug 21, · The Roman Catholic Church is obsessed about sexual things. Masturbation is supposedly a mortal sin to Roman Catholics. The Church uses threats of the flames of hell for all eternity as a way of controlling what people do in the sexual Resolved.

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It seems to me that masturbation, especially when it becomes chronic, is like that. It is a melancholy effort to satisfy oneself. And yet the only one who can do that is He who made us for Himself. Recognizing that truth does not mean a person will instantly give up masturbation.

Sep 08, · I went to confess the sin of masturbation. It’s not something I would normally discuss on these forums, but what the priest said after I confessed disturbed me deeply. Here are some of his words as best I can remember them: “I went on sabbatical recently and consulted with other priests about masturbation, to discover its status as a sin. What's wrong with Masturbation? Masturbation in the Bible I was very much against the Catholic position on masturbation. I almost didn't become Catholic over masturbation. I thought the Catholic Church's position on masturbation was a stupid teaching. Ultimately this is a spiritual journey. But the truth is you can stop masturbating.
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Mar 18, · Do Catholics still have to report masturbation in Confession? I know they don't call it Confession any more. When I was a good Catholic girl in the 's & '60's I wasn't so good that I refrained from pleasuring myself even though I knew it was a mortal sin and that if I was hit by a bus after I did it but before I went to Confession, I would.

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63 People Replies to “4 Out of 5 Catholic Men Confess This Sin” No one is getting rich doing Catholic apologetics, I can assure you of that. So rest easy. 🙂 Pornography and masturbation are two different things. Even masturbation has its nuances. Is a man or woman masturbating while away from his or her spouse (or after the death. Diversity of Roman Catholic beliefs about masturbation: Part 2: Church Catechism. Is masturbation a venial or a mortal sin? Sponsored link. and thorough reading of the 'Catechism' leads us to conclude that masturbation can be a 'serious mortal sin', but we must also admit that the 'Catechism' foresees situations in which masturbation may.

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What does the Bible Say about Masturbation? “Is masturbation a sin?” Many have found it difficult to answer this question according to the Bible because the Bible never mentions the word “masturbation” specifically. you can. Confess this sin to a Catholic priest and to God and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you so that you can. Aug 18, · I went to an all boys Dominican Catholic school (all enrolees have to be Catholic), and masturbation was taught as a sin of the flesh and considered a mortal sin. During Lent, refraining from eating meat on Fridays included refraining from your own meat. "Is It OK For Catholic Priests To Masturbate?" Only if I can watch! by Anonymous: reply.

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Masturbation and Catholicism. We’ve all heard the jokes about masturbation. Some say it will make you blind. Recent evidence suggests that Masturbation can help prevent prostate cancer. They knew this way back in Personally I do really enjoy Solo Male Masturbation often, I’m a Catholic who is Married, I do not see it as a sin. Thus, Roman Catholic men who follow the church teachings on masturbation can expect to experience a greater chance of death from this form of cancer and a shortened life expectancy on average. The church's ban on masturbation appears to be in opposition to its normal pro-life position.
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Do Catholic priests masturbate? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Garry Griffith, former Hotel and Restaurant Management () Answered Jan 2, · Author has 58 answers and k answer views. Can Catholic priests go to family events/take vacations?

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