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May 16, · Do you piss? Yes I do piss. I've been known to distribute piss. Do you poo? Yes I do poo. I've been known to squeeze out a few. Category News & Politics; Show more Show less.

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If you’ve ever wondered how often you should pee on a daily basis, you’re not alone. How often you urinate is actually a very important sign of your overall health, beginning in infancy and.

Do you piss in the shower? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Michael J. McFadden, Showers fill the air with millions of carcinogenic asbestos particles! Updated Feb 9, · Author has k answers and m answer views. Feb 17, · Do those of you who don't pee in the shower wash the bottom of your feet? ItIsOkBro said: the toilets is right there you scusts Click to expand Why would I flush the toilet and turn the shower on? ElectricBlanketFire. Member. Feb 17, # Oct 25, 11, Feb 17, # Yes. I usually wait until I'm in the shower.
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to make someone pee their pants. If it is a young child or kid it will be easy. ask them to drink as much water as they can and pretend your making.

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Why Does Alcohol Make You Pee? Alcohol is a diuretic. What this means is, when you drink alcohol, you produce more urine. This happens because alcohol suppresses release of arginine vasopressin or anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), the hormone that allows your kidneys to return water to your bloodstream. The effect is additive, so drinking more. Sep 10, · One of my favorite scenes when Grog challenges Kevdak. Watch more at

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Feb 22, · For a real visual in front of a room full of pigs have someone piss into a clear glass. Then, have a couple of men JO into the piss, and it will look like jelly fish "floaters" on in the yellow piss. Mar 22, · How to Hold in Pee when You Can't Use the Bathroom. Having to hold in urine (pee) may be difficult and can be unpleasant. If you find yourself without acceptable facilities, privacy, time, or opportunity, there are some techniques you can try. You may have to do this several times while holding in urine. Different positions can 73%().

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They, however, do not pee out of their vagina. The vagina is the tract that is only used for sex and child birth. The urethra of a female passes over the vagina, but still comes out the vulva. Here where you can google this. Urethra - Wikipedia. k Views · View 2 Upvoters. Anonymous.
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